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The Management of ASSIGECO S.r.l. undertakes to pursue a policy that places the customer at the centre of its activities.

The customer takes on a central role for the success of ASSIGECO S.r.l. It is therefore important to know him/her well, to provide services/products that meet his/her needs and to create a high degree of customer satisfaction.

The strategic objectives that ASSIGECO S.r.l. sets itself are:

  • the improvement of the image and reputation in the market, and therefore:
    • Increase in the number of customers;
    • Increase in turnover;
    • Company expansion and entry into new market areas

  • the satisfaction of the interested parties (shareholders, customers, users, employees, insurance companies), and therefore:
    • achievement of budget objectives
    • attention paid to the company's staff so that, through their involvement, they can express their potential to the best of their ability, receiving appropriate recognition;
    • constant reduction in the number of complaints and high level of customer satisfaction;
    • customer assistance and communication;
    • partnership agreements with the companies;

  • compliance with the regulations on safety in the workplace.

  • the implementation of the Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, as an effective means of rationalizing operations according to a logic that provides for the planning of objectives, the assessment and treatment of risks and opportunities, the objective measurement of the results achieved and the implementation of improvement actions.

The specific period objectives are defined annually by the management, reported in the structural framework POB.5, reviewed and disseminated to staff.

Milan, 27/01/2017

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